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iulie 31, 2009

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iulie 30, 2009

It’s like this…

Having dabbled in numerous instruments from a young age – he’s tinkled the ivories, blasted the alto sax, banged a few funky beats out on the drums and plucked a few tunes on the guitar – Lack of Afro certainly isn’t lacking in creative stock. This funky young dude has been going since the age of 7 and now, at 26, Adam Gibbons has all but earned an honorary afro with the release of his debut album,“Press On”.


Adam Gibbons found his feet after getting into funk and soul whilst studying Music Technology at University and started to ply his trade in various bands around Exeter. Having posted a few tracks onto a friend’s website in 2006, word soon spread to the Freestyle records offices, where he was instantly snapped up and released the huge selling “Wait A Minute”. One of the label’s fastest selling 12’’s, it has gone on to sell huge numbers worldwide and licensed to countless compilations. The follow up “Roderigo” also flew off the shelves and is still in huge demand to this day. Soon after this, the offers of remix work came flooding in; to date Adam has sprinkled his Afro magic on Diesler, The New Mastersounds, Eddie Roberts (NMS), Tim Wood (Social Beats) and is currently working on remixes for Nicole Willis and Flevans, as well as producing an entire album for US band The Diplomats of Solid Sound for Italian label Record Kicks. His tracks have also picked up numerous radio plays, appearing on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music, Xfm and many more. More recently he was invited to record a live session for Mark Lamarr’s “God’s Jukebox” show on BBC Radio 2 at the legendary Maida Vale Studios in London.

Taking its cues from the heavy funk and soul of the 70s, and giving them something of an updated twist, “Press On” is without a doubt one of the finest albums of the modern funk era. Playing most of the instruments himself, Adam has created a contemporary classic. From the opening track you can hear a sincere and honest love of funk and an understanding of what works both on the dance floor and at home. Highlights include the does-exactly-what-it-says-on-the-tin “Pure Filth”; the sublime genius of“Touch My Soul”, featuring the voice of the late Steve Marriot; and the inspired cover of the Arctic Monkeys’ “When the Sun Goes Down”, already a firm favourite with DJs.

Already being touted as ‘’the next Quantic’’ we’re sure you’ll agree that this young and talented producer has carved a new niche for himself. With the charm and musicality of funk pioneers such as The MetersJames Brownand Jimmy Smith, but with a contemporary twist, we’re sure this will find favour with fans of artists such as DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Breakestra, The Quantic Soul Orchestra and Mark Ronson.

Press On, Stand Up and Feel The Funk!

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iulie 29, 2009


Ez Rollers 

Real Name: Jay Hurren, Alex Banks & Kelly Richards
Profile: The duo of Jay Hurren and Alex Banks defined the easy-rolling two-step of Moving Shadow Records during the late ’90s with their recordings as E-Z Rollers, after developing hardcore breakbeats earlier in the decade as JMJ & Richie and Hyper On Experience. Both were originally involved in the mid-’80s rare-groove and hip-hop scene around their native East Anglia, promoting shows and DJing as well. They moved into house as well after the rave explosion, and while Banks increasinly concentrated on production work in his home studio during the early ’90s, Hurren continued to mix at events, usually billed as JMJ. 
The duo began recording (separately at first) after meeting emerging jungle don L.T.J Bukem – Banks with Hyper On Experience and Hurren with JMJ & Richie (as well as the solo project Parallel World). Hurren and Banks’ various singles for Rob Playford’s Moving Shadow and Bukem’s Good Looking – „Montana” and „Universal Horn” as JMJ & Richie, „Thunder Grip” and „Lords of the Null Lines” as Hyper-On Experience – helped write the template for smooth drum’n’bass with plenty of jazz texture but swift rhythms to keep the vibes moving in clubs. 
After meeting up with vocalist Kelly Richards at one of their gigs, Hurren and Banks decided to form E-Z Rollers around the threesome. Their debut album Weekend World appeared in mid-1996, followed by several additional singles for Moving Shadow and the full-length follow-up Weekend World. Hurren and Banks have also worked on production for Foul Play and Peshay. 
Aliases: Inter Orbit CommunicationPlastic Clothes Mechanics, TheSpirits From An Urban Jungle
Members: Alex BanksJay HurrenJermaine JacobsKelly Richards
Name Variations: All | E-Z Rollers | E Z Rollers | E.Z. Rollers | EZ Rollers | EZRollers

Bran Castle Fest

iulie 29, 2009

Between 7 and August 9 urban culture has found serenity in altitude between the mountains. BRAN CASTLE FEST is a cultural event for three days designed for young people that are passionate fans of  music, entertainment and movies. 60 hours of music on 2 stages and movies with Dracula in a tale environement with healthy food and some holiday activities. 

The day is reserved for sites performance theater, contemporary dance,experimental music, activities and recreation. The new wave of innovative and creative artists, will make the medieval land of Bran vibrate in the rythm of our contemprane world. After leaving the day light at the border between secular and mystical, Queen Stage will host music concerts in the current hearing and environmental harmony for  the soul of the audience in their  hunger  for knowledge. 

Come discover the new face of the castle, during full moon nights . 

More details soon. Limited number of tickets, that’s for sure. 

Come to Bran Castle and enjoy the hights ! 

I see spots (or links UPDATE)